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Our passion for Jerky has led us to create our own version of the delicious snack. All our products use the best ingredients, sourced to deliver a high quality result. We use only the best prime meat, marinated for a minimum of 48 hours for the best flavours...

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What To Expect?

Our original flavour recipe paired with our high quality flank steak gives a pleasant tang and acidity, umami, saltiness, and a hint of sweetness...

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Carne Seca was founded in 2022 in order to serve the Jerky loving community. Whether you’re looking for a fiery snack to enjoy with a cold beer, or an original recipe to enjoy with friends, we have a variety of options for you to choose from.


We understand that each of our customers have their own unique tastes and cravings, which is why we always look to innovate recipes and use the best ingredients around to satisfy each and every need. Please reach out to us if you want to hear more, share recipe ideas or just love sharing thoughts on delicious Jerky...

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Buying local beef jerky as opposed to mass-produced jerky offers several potential advantages. Here are some reasons why you might choose to buy local beef jerky:

Freshness: Our beef jerky is often made in smaller batches and may have a shorter journey from production to your hands. This can result in a fresher product which can be appealing to those who prioritize freshness.

Quality and Taste: We take care in selecting high-quality beef and crafting our jerky with unique flavours and recipes. This can lead to a superior taste and texture compared to mass-produced jerky, which may use lower-grade meat or employ more standardized production methods.

Supporting Local Businesses: Buying local beef jerky supports small, local businesses and helps bolster your local economy. It can also foster a sense of community and connection with the people who make the jerky.

Variety: We often experiment with different flavours and ingredients, offering a wider variety of options compared to mass-produced brands that tend to stick to a few standard flavours.

Customization: We do offer customization options, allowing you to request specific flavours, spice levels, or even jerky made from specific cuts of meat.

Environmental Impact: Buying local can reduce the environmental impact associated with long-distance transportation of goods. It can also encourage sustainable farming and production practices within your local community.

Unique Gifts: Local beef jerky can make for unique and thoughtful gifts, showcasing the flavours and culture of your region. This can be a great way to share local experiences with friends and family.

Ultimately, whether you choose local or mass-produced beef jerky depends on your personal preferences, values, and priorities when it comes to taste, sourcing, and supporting local businesses...


Have questions, comments, compliments or concerns? We’re always here to help.

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